Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The ripped jeans design has been getting a huge attention among the ladies since like forever and every women needs to own at least a pair in their closet at home. Ripped jeans has that effortless rugged look which makes it perfect for women to pull on whenever they feel as if they need time to feel laid back. The ripped jeans definitely bring out that tomboyish charm out of your with that hint of sexy appeal. If you want to look stylishly classy wearing THE RIPPED JEANS FOR WOMEN and have no idea how to successfully pull it together, take a look down below.


Women can always match any basic tees or tank tops with a pair of ripped jeans for that casual appearance. This look is suitable for the ladies who want to chill during the weekends or your days off work and still maintain a trendy look everywhere you go. Go about town, run errands or hang out with friends wearing this outfit and never worry looking out of style. Simple is the way to go.


Besides that, women can also bring some spice to their ripped jeans ensemble by pairing it with edgy shoes like statement design high heels or trendy boots. This will absolutely add a touch of spice to your entire wardrobe. The footwear design you choose is what makes the ripped jeans outfit appear fashionable to flaunt all around town. 

It does not matter whether you are wearing an oversized tee, sweater or shirt, it is a great look to show off and still appear trendy in everywhere you go. Look young by slipping on an oversized sweater or go classy with an oversized shirt. The loose fit tops will definitely make you feel comfortable to move in all day long. 

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