Friday, May 23, 2014

The Greatest Love of All

We know how sad and angry we are whenever people commit suicide. We just hope against hope that before THESE SUFFERING people take the plunge, they COULD PAUSE AND THINK.

We keep encouraging these ; whatever happened , however sad,
hopeless painful or hurtful, it's not worth a life.

A girl who did not die after trying to kill herself because her ex-boyfriend dumped her, woke up in the ICU said : " i don't regret. At that time i wanted to die because of him"

To come think of it, is it really like that? is that the main reason? Is that the truth because she lost her love, she wanted to end her own life? Let's ask those who have tried to kill themselves because their men had a change of heart, whether their motives was love or whether it was because they could not tolerate being left in the lurch.

There is only one reason a woman commits suicide after her boyfriend leaves and that is . apart from him, she had nothing else.

Well, the more we have in our lives, the less we wanted to die as they became the reasons for us to stay alive.
To seek death as a solution is no more than a TRICKY WAY of PUNISHING the former lover who initiated the break up. Ending one's life that way is not the least spectacular or even brave or heroic , what the dead probably had thought.
That is not a suicide because you loved him but is one because you wanted to PUNISH him. You think death is revenge enough but no, the best revenge is to make sure you are successful yourself, alive and kicking after the break up.

To die because for a man or woman who no longer loves you is not in the least impressive.

Perhaps, in this world there is a kind of lover which can't be replaced but there is hardly is a man or woman who can't be replaced. To those teenagers who chose to end their life because they could not get what they wanted, didn't you know that to let go of growing up is to forfeit life's most interesting and probably also most precious journey?

oh nom <3

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

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