Friday, August 29, 2014

Another Confession

I'm so glad that I met you.

I’ve been gathering a lot of courage to tell this, to anybody, anybody who wants to read it. I’m just telling a little story, hopefully a little interesting for yourself.

I think about it daily. You. Consuming my thoughts. Have I made the right choice? Are you the one for me? You are perfect in every way, but you have baggage that I never pictured myself involved with. As time goes on, I tilt back and forth, back and forth on if I should just walk away. Leave the one that treats me so well for the chance to meet someone else that can give me what I eventually want. But will that new person be as good as you? I fear I will not find it if I ever walk away! Everyday my hesitation continues and doubt arises. I've been thinking A LOT that I started to lose faith in us.

The thoughts of you with someone else, you havin some fun times with other girls, etc. Am I being overly jealous? I hate being jealous but it does give a meaning, that I love you. Do you know that I even planned of letting you go? I ALMOST DID THAT. almost. But then you touched my heart with your pure sincerity, your grip between my fingers, and the way you tellin me not to go leave you. How did you know that I was about to do that? Did I made you sad? I'm sorry. Wow can I just cry already?

Why am I letting this fine man slips away? NO. I realize that thinking to much kills. Having someone that loves me and ACTUALLY shows it to me, this guy worth everything to me. You slipped into my life and give vague answers and at times, I feel it is just a selfish way to keep you near me for your own fears of being alone. I'm sorry for being so selfish. I'm sorry that I want all of you to be only mine. Sorry that I can't let you go. Sorry that I'm not perfect. Wait, do I really have to be sorry for these? HAHA :)

Being with you. Holding you. Hearing you say sweet things to me. Doing things together with you.
I could not dream of a better way to be with you.

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

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  1. Dear kakak yang comel kuasa 10, i know exactly how it feel . Eheh
    Whatever it is, stay cool ok? Everything gonna be a big OK after this! Stay smile :)


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