Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Cingggggg I'm here, back at my home, tanah tumpahnya darahku, SABAH!

The best part of coming home is , well it's your home. But when it comes to the shitty part of it is when everyone sees you and tell you this :" YOU'RE GETTING FATTER!"

FAT. puhhh!

I couldn't deny that, yeap. Even my weight reaches *censored* kilograms People call me fat all the time. I have a bigger butt than most girls, and my thighs and legs are a lot bigger too. Friends keep telling me its okay to gain a lil bit kg, you still look pretty. it's okay that you look chubby, you still you. Sigh I think they will never understand my issue. I used to be thin so this kind of changes of course affect me both physical and emotionally. Even my boyfriend telling me about the same thing... *sigh*

I hope that I can really cut down these layers of fats before new semester starts next year. I'm targeting for 50kg, AT LEAST. The more 'fat' word that hits my eardrum, the more hurt I get. Damn I might stop eating because of it. 

Not everyone is a size 0. I'm perfectly fine and healthy.

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥


  1. hehehe...sabar ye... rajin2 bersenam dan byk mnum air masak.. ^_^

  2. ohmaii this post ahaha kenapa comel sangattt XD

    No worries , you're perfectly fine and healthy! Go Go <3


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