Tuesday, June 28, 2016


"Crush" by Yuna..playing in my head
You don’t really talk to him, you smile occasionally and even say ‘hi’ once in a blue moon, but you guys never become anything more than casual acquaintances. You really do like him, but you also know that nothing is ever going to happen between the two of you. 

We call this unrequited love. We call this crush. We say it’s noble and romantic to care more, that at least we are attuned with our emotions and what we want – but most of all; we want to be loved back. It’s crushing to realize that it might be in their ‘ability’ to love us the way we want them to, but they were never obligated to in the first place. And we are the ones who led ourselves on, thinking that maybe they’d change their hearts and their minds. 

There could be a lot of girls after him, seeing what you saw in him. He could be chasing other girl whom he fancies. He may be out of your league. He could never possibly like you more than a friend. Maybe we’re only ever just hoping for a little more hope, a little more reasons to keep going, another little sign that they might care – that all of this effort, love and affection was not in vain.

Or, he was never meant to be the centre of your universe, just a really bright star on a secluded corner making your galaxy a little brighter.

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥


  1. omg I love love love that song. anyways, I do not have a crush on any boys all my life (except in primary) hahaha.

  2. from my point of view it is nothing more than feeling of admiration..


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