Saturday, December 24, 2016


Let me take a guess. There's this guy in your life right now, but he isn't your boyfriend and you're not his girlfriend, yet it feels like you two are basically a couple at the same time because you guys practically act like a couple. You guys call each other 'babe' or 'baby', you guys go out on dates and even argue like a couple, right? You probably have your belonging at his place. Even though you're not his girl, you're only loyal to him. You know you only want him. That's the only guy you care about. 

You're not confused about what you feel about him, but you're confused about what he feels about you because as perfect as it feels with him, you're wondering why you guys aren't official yet. Why hasn't he asked you to officially be his girlfriend?  What's holding him back? How come he isn't ready yet? How much more time does he need to figure it out? Is there another girl he's talking to? Or maybe there's multiple girls you don't know about. And when you guys fight, it's because there are other girls involved and he always uses the "We're not even together so I don't know why you're mad" excuse or maybe he used the "She's just a friend" line without realizing that you and him are also just "friends" and look how you two are. This has been going on for months, and right now, you're starting to get sick of it. You're starting to feel like you're wasting your time. You're starting to feel like it isn't worth it anymore.

It shouldn't take months for a guy to figure out if he wants to be with you because when a guy wants you, he will make you his. He wants to have you and be single at the same time, but he doesn't understand it can't work that way. At least, not with you. At this point, you're considering to end things, but a part of you wants to wait just a bit longer if he'll finally come around because the truth is you're in love with someone who isn't yours.

But, how long can you wait?

credit : Teddy Nguyen 
♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥


  1. People won't the feeling unless they lost someone.. So maybe, only by losing each other, only by then he would realize.. Idk.. ._.

  2. havent being in this kind of relationship (well basically because my circle of trust is a donut lol) but yeah, being 'hold' in a relay with those card is unfair.

  3. im not good in love either lol btw jemput join GA saya ya

  4. aww this is deep but I don't even have a guy around lol.

  5. That guy is actually me & I am regretting everything *sigh*


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