Monday, March 17, 2014

Well Inspired Today Because I'm in Love.

The Thing In My Life That Makes Me Want To Be Better. He came at a time when I was still unsure of myself, where body image is a constant factor that has haunted and hindered my ability to see the beauty in which I have and it's taken one sole person to wipe it all away.

Today, we are working everything out. Someday I hope to regain what we had and more. Even the silences we share speak upon volumes so diverse and so deeply connected, I cannot fathom half of what our souls may have spoken upon as we gazed into each others eyes. I have never had anyone who has connected on such a level with me, who has opened my eyes, mind and soul the way they have and continues to do so every day.The best part is knowing he is mine, to love and to hold and to cherish for the rest of my days.

Ah I'm only good when it comes to writing , but not by verbally saying all these heart-swaying words out.

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sesi Bernafas Bersama Saya

Ok haiiiiii readers! Syok kan title entry saya kali ni? Saya dapat idea ini sebab dulu si Alvera cakap dia lupa cara mau bernafas hahaha! Bengong. So di sini biar saya ajar kepada you all yang lupa cara nak bernafas untuk bernafas supaya kamu terus hidup.

  • Duduk diam-diam
  • Mata dalam position 90 degree.
  • Kembangkan lubang hidung.
  • Kecilkan lubang hidung.
  • Sekarang sedut udara melalui lubang hidung, pastikan udara sampai ke dalam paru-paru.
  • Fikirkan benda yang gembira.
  • Buka mulut dan sekarang hembus udara keluar dari paru-paru. 
  • Ulangi perbuatan tersebut.

Are you okay? well done human. now move on. Mau cari idea lain ni. kbai <3

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

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