Tuesday, December 25, 2018

2018 & Little Happiness

Hi everyone! It is me, your chipsmore blogger - Zira on your screen yo! I've been missing out from this blog and to make it up to you all, here is a brief writing of what this year was all about and how I've been surviving through all the days in it. This is truly from my own thoughts and hope you guys would learn a thing or two from my experiences. Cheers!

Not many know where and what kind of job that I'm doing right now (and maybe for the next 32 years AHA!) I am working in a public medical center somewhere in Selangor, as a pharmacy technician or rather known as assistant pharmacist. I've been working for about a year now and so far I have come to a liking of my working environment especially my colleagues. I'm the youngest in the pharmacy department and seniors and bosses have been treating me so nice. Can you believe me when I say that I gained 15 kilos since the day that I've started working here? kid you no. Haha! "Zira, akak ada bawa makanan ni, makan tauu" "Zira, nak ni tak?" "Zira tolong habiskan makanan tu" Soooooooo, how can I say no to that? Food is love and food is life everyone!  But,  next year 2019 will be a new start for me to cut down A LOT OF WEIGHTS and ACTUALLY do the right things for my health. I bought a new pair of running shoes so I need to have a good use of that, there's no turning back!

My jobs are to prepare and provide health services to the community, I can't deny there were few patients that really got on my nerves but I always remember to keep it cool and show to them that not all government servants are cocky as what they claimed us to be! Duh! I will always work to give out the best services ; Our health vision is: “Healthy People, Healthy Environment”. It is one which envisages a health system that is client-centred and guarantees access to quality health care for every person in our population, at reasonable costs, and which takes into account the needs of the vulnerable among us.

My friendship with my 2 best friends, Amy and Pritina, are still strong as ever! By the way, Pritina just got married with his husband last year in December and I was her bride's maid. Amy was there too and we had a very nice reunion. Ah while I'm writing this, the thought of them making me miss them even more. Pritina and Amy both living a good life it seem tho we stayed apart from each other,  I hope these two beautiful ladies live a happy and successful life.  <3 

My dearest mom and dad. The last time I've seen them was last Eid this year. Of course I'm missing them all the time but I'm okay of living far away from home (for the sake of working) I am not a clingy and spoiled daughter. I grew up in a tough environments but a loving family. They taught me to be punctual on time, always clean up after a mess and to work if you wanted something. My mom did not always spoon-fed me, taught myself to be independent because there will be times when you'll be alone and no one will be there for you and always remember to have a control over my own thoughts and emotions. Dad taught me that knowledge is a priority in one's life and people should always keep on exploring and never give up on learning. I can confidently say that my dad is a wise person and I always admired how knowledgeable my dad is. I always pray that my family is safe under the protection of The Almighty and may Allah bless them with good health <3 Aamiin.

The act of gratefulness makes one think deeply about their life and find real reasons to be grateful. I discovered that the world is not as bad as it seems when I started taking notes and finding reasons to be grateful. It tired out there was so much to be grateful for. It helped me focus on the positive things in my life and also see the good in my experiences, because my experiences have values. I’ve learnt a lot of important life lessons this year that have helped improved the quality of my days, and consequently my life.

This is for everyone who is reading this,  

I hope you find the happiness you have been searching for. You shouldn’t have to live your life so sad, you shouldn’t have to live it so alone and lost. You should get to be happy. You deserve it, more than anything else in this world, you deserve happiness. 
I hope you find the answers you have been needing. You have let these questions ruin your life. I just want you to be able to put those questions to rest, the ones that have kept been keeping you up all night. I want you to find peace in those questions and be able to begin living your life the way it was meant to be. 
I hope you realize you aren’t alone. There are so many of us supporting you, so many people who care so much about you, and I just hope you can realize that. I hope you can realize how loved you are, how many people want you to be happy and are on your side. 
I hope you are able to move on.
Putting the past behind you is so much harder than the world makes it out to be, and I get that, but you have to do it. You have to put those mistakes and accidents behind you, because that is exactly what they are: past memories. I hope you can leave them behind. That toxic relationship, whether it is one you are in now or one you have been out of but struggling to get over, I hope you can move on from them. You don’t deserve to be put through this any longer, and they sure as hell do not deserve your energy. 
I hope you find happiness and peace. Most of all, I hope you find the happiness you deserve to experience every single day. I hope that you are able to see your potential and understand that you are worth the smile on your face. You need peace. You deserve peace. You have been through so much, more than anyone should ever have to go through, and you are stronger because of it. But even the strongest people in the world deserve rest. You shouldn’t have to battle each and every day of your life, not the way you have been. You have overcame through some dark clouds, and will continue to if you need to, but hopefully 2019 will be better.

I hope 2019 will be different for me, for us, for everyone in this world. Spend your days finding that happiness for yourself. For once in your life, put your own happiness above those around you. I love you. 

Hope to see you guys again soon! That is all from me,
your truly,

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

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