Thursday, December 25, 2014

Forever Alone Alert!

A home doesn't feel like home. Am I too harsh for saying this? But that's the fact. I expect everyone to be here when I'm home at Sabah. But no. I 've been feeling so lonely and it's killing me, emotionally. I need someone to talk and laugh with. Yes I've planned to go for a walk or eye-shopping, but it doesn't feel right to do em alone.

So last night I went to a Christmas party at my neighbor's. ( Well they invited me, it is not nice to reject an invitation ) So Dad brought me there. The place was crowded and full of strangers, I know NOBODY! And again I felt alone. Those people looked at me like I'm an alien. No one talks to me and all I did was pretending to laugh at my phone when all I see was my phone's wallpaper.. Did that just to cover things up so people won't look down on me. Haha quite sad right? I know..

So do you see my problem here? I can't stand being alone with no one around or being alone in a crowd. It gives me some kind of mental-illness where I would burst into tears for feeling so aloneeeee.


p/s : no matter how angry or upset i am, i still love you people! bai <3

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

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