Thursday, August 27, 2015

Live in the Present

I think the key to a good quality life is n the present moment. It is in here and now. It is in the present that I am currently living in. I don't live in my past anymore and I don't know how I am going to live in the future. Too many people are preoccupied with their past ; not letting go and moving on. Too many people are obsessed with their future ; always rushing and looking at what comes next
But how many are mindful of the present?
The present is our centre. Our past and our future are in the periphery ; not because they are not important, but because they are not focus. The focus is on the here and now. The past is history, we learn from it. The future is mystery, we don't know much about it. Both the past and the future play a supporting role in the story of our life, but the present is the leading role.
It is all about the present moment.
The life that we currently live in is a fast-paced life. We are constantly reminded of our past and we are constantly pushed for our future. We need to spare some time each day to refocus our lives because the life that we live in tends to push us off course. Spend some time each day to revisit why we d the things that we do and differentiate between the things that matter and the things that don't. Spend sometime each day to step back and look at the bigger picture ; about where we came from, where we are and where we are going.
Spend some time each day to live in the moment.

p/s : If you read this, I hope that you're doing fine potato. :3

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♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I Wish That I

We must have heard the clichés that money is not everything and money cannot buy everything. Imagine yourself to live without money, how are you going to be happy when you cannot even make a life? Perhaps, money is not everything and we cannot buy everything with money, but money increases our life chances. I wish I had lot of money so that I have the chance to help my family, especially my parents, had been my backbone. They worked so hard to give me and my sibling a good education, comfortable life, and cater all my need leaving them with tonnes of debts. If only I have much money, the first thing that I would like to do is to pay all my parerents debts off. I want them to lead a loose-fitting life without any worries about the debt. 
To simply put it, I want to ease the burden that my parents had been carrying on their shoulders all this while. 
You can’t force people to stay in your life. Staying is a choice, so I am thankful for the people who choose to stay with me, especially my best friends that knew me from top to bottom, inside and out. Our years of friendships made me believe that not everyone is going to turn their back at us. So I wish my best friends won't leave me. Amy and the other two crazy bitches HAHA no offence guys but dayummm, I love you!
Take me away from here!
We all have that one friend on Facebook that occasionally pops up offering up an opportunity for us to live vicariously through their experiences. They post up photos of sunsets in highly desirable locations on the other side of the world and at first it amuses, then promotes wanderlust, we have a little daydream about our next vacation and then the jealousy sinks in.Personally, I love traveling. Yes, I've traveled some places in this country but I'm eager for more! Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to escape from responsibilities or whatsoever lol.  Let's just say that ; It sucks to be stuck in a rut! So yeah, I wish that I can travel (and it'd be nice to travel with a 'company' ) Cinggggg.

Romance novels, chick flicks, rom-coms, and fairy tales exist not because their stories are within the realm of possibility. They exist because we WISH they would happen and we WISH that life was that simple. I was terribly naïve when I was younger; I believed that those stories existed because they were the gold standard of relationships and that if I had any self-respect I would hold out for my knight in shining armor. Sigh. Love may not last forever. It is a living, breathing thing that requires work, sacrifice, and compromise. It will not always feel wonderful and be perfect . Yes, I am not stupid enough to wish for what we call a PERFECT love , lol nah. All I wish is for someone that ACTUALLY accept me for who I am,  that will not fckin leave whenever I messed up because tbh, I always mess things up. But for now, I taking a break from this one wish lol.

Last but not least, I wish that The-End-of-All is not going to happen during my life time. Allahu a'lam. Allah knows the best.


p/s : If any of you are offended by my post, I'm humbly sorry. Now,  shall y'all move on! :*

♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

Saturday, August 8, 2015

What Does IT Mean to Be In Love?

It is to truly see someone, inside. Their beautiful soul. It is a rare and precious knowledge, and for you to be given the gift of this sight means you contain the right ingredients in your own soul. Often we feel such powerful emotions for another that we believe we are in love, but in reality we are viewing the person through a tainted lens – one that is obscured by the traumas of the past, and therefore we are unable to see things properly. We will grab toward the idea of loving that person, struggling to solidify our happiness together, but eventually look down to find our palms empty, again and again. 

To love another you must take in all of them: the depth and contrast that defines them. Love comes from accurate sight, and a person’s true beauty comes from all of them: the darkness and the light. If you only focus on the light exterior, you are missing half of the truth. When you recognize great value inside the heart of another, it’s like hearing a singular mating call aimed just at you. You are recognizing the finite elements that you know to be of value to your own heart. This is a powerful knowledge to have for many reasons, the best being its ability to inspire more growth inside you. Being in love unlocks energy and a thirst for better because you want to give of yourself. It is the greatest gift you have to give. You become driven to show this person how you feel in any way possible: with affection, support, attention, being of service and giving your time. It is both selfless and rewarding in that you are fulfilled by acts of kindness that bring them happiness. Which in turn, makes you feel like a wonderful person.

When you are not in love, it will feel never fully yours.
 It can feel heavy and daunting. Or desperate and scary, almost like it is about to be stolen. Or just out of reach – you want and want but are never fulfilled. What this means is something is getting in the way of your readiness and ability to love. You need to do some work on yourself and get to the root of it because you are most likely seeing the wrong elements and misinterpreting the person and situation. It is well worth it, as it can be changed so that you can be in the wonderful state that is love, and you will both be much happier. Once that inner obstruction has been uprooted, you will be given the ability to love someone back – the way it should be given: from a whole place, where you can give of all of yourself.

Love is the most powerful knowledge to gain in the entirety of life. It can give you the key to a wonderful existence that you could never access without it. Pursue it bravely and honestly. Take good care of yourself and covet your heart’s value. Know that you will be okay if something causes you pain. Have hope and optimism and let the rest go. And as soon as you are ready, you will find who you’ve been looking for. To truly love another person, you must first love yourself so that you can give of yourself with unfettered access. Without this personal knowledge you won’t be able to truly see others – most importantly, the one you love.

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♥ Love, Autumn Zira ♥

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