Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When Results Became Everything

If we push a student hard enough, long enough and consistent enough, pretty soon we'll see that he will entertain the possibility of getting the results he wanted by any means of necessary. It doesn't matter how he gets A, as long as he gets it.
I'm not saying cheating is okay, I'm just saying I can understand why students do it. We, as a community, have consciously and unconsciously educate students to take grades as priority over learning. I am saying this with such confidence because I am a student and many others have walked in those painful shoes.
What happens when the result is being put more emphasis than the effort? One thing will happen, the effort will become secondary. The effort becomes less important than the result. "As long as I get the result, I am happy,' - 'regardless of how I get there'.
Educated to cheat?
Can we blame students? When the "You have to get straight A;s and nothing else!" slogan is being pumped into their brains day in and day out, it's not a surprise that you students who find cunning ways to get the As. We created the environment whereby students lie and chat. As a result, we produce A+ students on paper with F- mindset in real life
Don't be surprised then when we have construction workers who cut corners, lawyers who cheat to win, teachers who just want to finish the syllabus, scientist who fake the experiment results, supervisors who water down student's Ph.D. thesis, and so on.
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